Blossoming Families: Perinatal Care provides virtual breastfeeding medicine, fourth trimester care, and infertility and pregnancy loss support to patients throughout South Carolina and Georgia with Dr. Nithya Natrajan, MD, FAAFP, NABBLM-C. Dr. Natrajan is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine with additional clinical experience in women’s health, infertility, and hormone management. She strives to nurture and empower new families during the 4th trimester and beyond.

“My goal is for you to be healthy and happy as your family grows! By learning your story and providing you with information and support, we can develop a personalized plan that works for you.” ~ Dr. Natrajan

Want to learn more? Read about Our Services to learn how we can support your lactation and postpartum needs through breastfeeding and lactation medicine, 4th trimester care, and infertility support services. We are based in Columbia, SC and provide virtual care throughout South Carolina and Georgia.  Contact Us if you have any questions.

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